What color attracts money? Colors can have a greater influence on a person even than mood. Therefore, today we will explain the meaning of the most important lucky colours to consider.

What colour attracts money

Colours are something fascinating; they have been the object of study to evoke the most intense feelings; that is, they have the ability to create harmony for those who know how to use the benefits of their wide variety of tones. So, What color attracts money?

Do you think that in graphic design, the psychology of colour exists just because they are cute? Well no, in marketing, fashion, architecture and all areas of life, a true entrepreneur tries to understand the science, psychology and spirituality behind colors and their combinations because that way it is achieved to attract people and vital things to achieve what he sets out.

que color atrae el dinero


Yellow has been used by the most imposing reigns since ancient times. The Romans used it as a symbol of their wealth because it attracts money and illuminates everything around it, invoking understanding and wisdom. 

Yellow is the color of joy and strength; that is why it is necessary to be careful not to abuse when using it, because it has also been associated with pride and arrogance. It is not surprising that after experiencing great prosperity, we begin to feel that we are the owners of the world. 

This is why yellow is one of the most contradictory colors due to the energy it inspires; many fail to control it.

Second  BLUE

It is the color associated with Venus and also with the sky. This color has been sacred in religions since the beginning and today it is associated with the Virgin Mary. Blue is a happy color and when unexpectedly we have good luck, people often say that it comes “from nowhere.”

For those whose sign is Aquarius, Libra or Taurus, it is a particularly lucky color.

Third  GOLD

Among the colors to attract money, gold is impressive because it represents the city of God, it is the solar icon where supreme knowledge and wealth meet to make your new year full of prosperity. 

This, like yellow, is known as the color of intelligence because it allows the bearer to have clarity in his thoughts, in life and business, which leads to the attraction of wealth. 

Fourth  RED

The fire of life that runs through our body in the form of blood is red and each of its drops drives us to reach our goals. In other words, this color activates the energy and passion that are required to succeed and attract the money prosperity we all need; the Chinese have the tradition of the red envelope that they give their relatives as a symbol of prosperity for the new year.


It is a color that indicates energy, heat, sun, relaxation, kindness, youth, politeness, happiness, motivation and sociability. It symbolizes intelligence and is also one of the 3 colors to attract love, along with red and pink.

In addition, it is a color that relaxes, is fresh, provides calm, peace, harmony, confidence, serenity and comfort. If it is bright blue, it symbolizes friendship.