The Descendant in the birth chart:

The Descendant in the birth chart: In this article we will talk about the descending birth chart, what it works for and its significance. Read on.

What is the birth chart?

A birth chart is a map representing the planetary positions of our Solar System as seen from a particular place on Earth at the time of our first inhalation at birth. These planetary positions are measured with respect to the Tropical Zodiac which starts at the Spring Equinox (0° of Aries).

The data necessary to draw a person’s birth chart are the date, time and place of birth. This last piece of information is necessary to find the longitude and latitude coordinates of the place, as the view we have of the sky varies according to our geographical location. After performing the relevant calculations manually or through astrological software, we will obtain an astrological chart that will be valid throughout the person’s life, and will be the essential basis for any subsequent astrological study.

The Descendant in the birth

What is a birth chart for?

Astrology studies the relationship between the stars and what happens here on Earth. Human behaviour, world events, everything parallels the planetary cycles.

On a personal level, the birth chart helps us to know ourselves and others. It is the astral configuration with which we come into the world, which will mark our personality, potentialities and innate talents that will accompany us throughout our lives.

With the reading of the birth chart, characteristics of the individual that would otherwise remain hidden are discovered, giving the person the opportunity to enhance their own qualities that they were unaware of or to understand certain behaviours and situations that are repeated or that they are not able to control, allowing them to create strategies to evolve in accordance with their innate nature.

The interpretation of the astrological chart helps us, therefore, on a personal level, as a tool for self-knowledge and evolution. But the applications of astrology do not stop there, as a self-help tool that is so fashionable nowadays, but it goes further and as a social science it allows human resources departments to select employees for their companies or partners and form teams based on the charts of the candidates, make decisions and economic, social or political forecasts, and of course it is increasingly present in the field of psychology, where it is used as a support and complementary tool for therapeutic techniques.

The descending sign in the birth chart: Ascending sign and descending sign

According to astrological experts, you should know that the opposite of the ascendant sign is the expression of the personality, and is found in the first house. The astrological ascendant is based in the seventh house of the astrological houses, and these houses are generally associated with relationships, partnerships, contracts and declared enemies.

The astrological ascendant focuses on describing how a man or woman relates to himself or herself, and the descendant is the complementary opposite which is based on interactions and relationships with others.

We can say that it refers to the following three issues:

1.  The qualities one looks for in a partner or in a business partner.

2.  The way in which the person assumes the commitment in this type of relationship.

3.  The hidden qualities of the personality.

The Descendant in the birth chart: What is it?

It is a concept closely related to the ascendant, although unlike the ascendant, which indicates the personality in society, the descendant tells us about the type of people who come into our lives and with whom we tend to form bonds. It points to the partner, the associate, etc. The great “other”.

In other words, the descending sign consists of an energy that is present within the person, but is not accepted by him, even though it is projected by others in his close circle.

The Descendant in the Birth Chart: Importance

The zodiac signs in which our zodiac descending sign appears in a birth chart reveals a lot of information, such as the qualities we look for in a romantic partner or business associate. Astral descendant refers to all that we admire in the other, but because we somehow feel that these are qualities we lack.

It is said that the Astral Descendant reflects the potential enemy, the one who is the opposite of who we are, our values, our identity, but who actually appears in our path to make us understand those characteristics of our own that we dislike. In short, the Other is the one who serves as a mirror for us, both good and bad.

El descendente en la carta natal

Descending in Aries

They are looking for an active partner in every way. Have a strong temperament and certain selfish attitudes which can disturb relationships. They are afraid of commitments.

Descendant in Taurus

They desire someone stable, faithful and loving, who can be the pillar of the relationship. However, jealousy, pride and stubbornness will be the main obstacles. Relationships are a status symbol.

Descendant in Gemini

They are not afraid to break off the relationship, if they feel tied down or bored.  Require a creative, free, seductive and lively partner. They can be possessive and have several partners at the same time.

Descendant in Cancer

They are looking for a reliable, sensitive and homely partner, qualities which they themselves possess, but do not express. Another hidden part of their character is a lack of understanding of instability.

Descendant in Leo

They are looking for a dynamic, intelligent and unique partner.  Rebellious and immature, they like to dominate situations and people and be adored for it.

Descendant in Virgo

For an individual with a Descendant in Virgo, the ideal partner will be someone who is orderly, detail-oriented, prudent and persevering. They value humility and compassion, but are prone to destructive criticism.

Descendant in Libra

They prefer a partner who demonstrates power, strength and intelligence over other attributes. They are very demanding when it comes to establishing a union and can become obsessed with it.

Descendant in Scorpion

The Scorpion Descendant inclines the person to seek intense, loyal and passionate partners, who can make them feel trapped when they manifest the demanding aspect of their personality.

Descendant in Sagittarius

This position points to the need for a relationship where the personal space and freedom of each partner is respected. There is a certain childish component in the manifestation of character, however, by assuming the differences with maturity, you maintain balance. It is difficult for you to find a state of contentment.

Descendant in Capricorn

In the search for the ideal companion or partner, the feeling of being protected by someone with much more experience, wisdom or maturity prevails. Sex plays a key role, and underestimating it is a mistake.

Descendant in Aquarius

They are looking for someone adventurous, curious, cheerful and intelligent. Lack of flexibility and a refusal to compromise are their biggest obstacle, however, this can be compensated for with creativity.

Descendant in Pisces

They desire someone reliable above all. They tend to idealise their partner, which leads them to be truly tyrannical in their demands, mostly motivated by fear of failure.

Meaning of the birth chart

As far as its meaning is concerned, the birth chart symbolises what we bring into the world, those innate potentialities and difficulties which form a behavioural pattern and which we will develop to a greater or lesser extent throughout our existence. The well-known metaphor of the seed has been used repeatedly to explain symbolically that the birth chart is like a field in which the planetary energies would be the seeds deposited in the earth, containing in their tiny size a whole potential for growth.


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