Gemstones for Virgo: The sixth zodiac sign is the one that rules those born from August 24 to September 23. Virgos stand out for being wise, rational, analytical, methodical, reserved, loyal and responsible. However, they also need some help and work hard to keep their thoughts in order and get out of the routine.

Although we must bear in mind that these features are clear in fully Virgo people, they vary depending on whether they have more influence from the ascending sign or not. This help can be found in the protective stones for this sign.

Gemstones for Virgo


Piedras preciosas para virgo

This is one of the very powerful gemstones for Virgo that gives us what we need to work our intellect and spontaneity. It allows us to improve our logic, makes us more spontaneous and it helps us not to give up before we reach the goals we have set out.


Piedras preciosas para virgo

It has great properties for Virgo. It gives us help to overcome our inner problems and minimize those fears that may be hidden inside us. It will make us feel stronger and allow us to exceed our limits.


Gemstones for Virgo

Sodalite is known for having a very positive vibe that makes joy flow and that the person of Virgo takes full advantage of it.

All that energy makes the person be in a very good mood, and helps in the process of having clarity in consciousness.

It is a stone that is also used for Virgos who are in a relationship as it increases passion and eroticism, leading the bodies to find the long-awaited release of sexual energy and to feel a sense of full satisfaction.

Pink quartz:

To end, rose quartz is another stone that cannot be missing in a Virgo’s environment. In addition, this is also one of the best stones for Taurus.

Gemstones for Virgo

The main effect of this mineral on these people is to help them to release repressed emotions and feelings. This will allow them to overcome problems of various types, especially in the field of love, being a very effective amulet to help to overcome splits, feel better about oneself and, thus, be able to increase self-esteem and be able to love someone again.