Cats as spiritual protectors:

This time we will talk about cats as spiritual protectors. Believe it or not, this independent pet has its esoteric part in the care of houses and people. Keep reading.

Cats as spiritual protectors

Cats and their cleaning of evil spirits or ghosts

Cats not only remove any negative spirits from homes. But also protect them from the negative energies that reside within them even before it has been adopted.

Guard dogs can be effective in warding off unwanted intruders. But cats serve a much more peculiar purpose, which is to protect homes from a different type of uninvited guest.

When a cat senses a spirit in the house, it often follows it to find out what its intentions are. The cat will use its powerful auric field to rid the house of any negative forces. The cat will catch the entity in its energy field and pull it out of the house, similar to the way a cat catches a mouse and discards it or gives it away.

Pay close attention to your cat and see if it keeps returning to a particular place in the house and if it is staring intently at something that you cannot see; this can be a sign that there is a spirit.

The cat’s relationship with its human

When a kitten comes into your life, it is because you really need it. His role in your days is to help you or teach you something, even if you do not understand at first what it is. It will alert you to negative vibes around you, even from people with bad energy who are only trying to harm you.

Therefore, the energies that we emit such as joy, fear, frustration, sadness, hatred, among others, are absorbed by our cats to neutralize them. Therefore, the moment they are awake, they go around the house to absorb everything bad. When sleeping, they neutralize them and transform them into positive energy.

Because they show us consideration, they pick up on the negative vibration of the people who enter our home. Therefore, it is normal for them to dislike one of our guests. If that reaction is with us, it is because it has felt that we have a very strong emotional charge and it will try to absorb it by making it walk away for a few minutes.

Cats have an aura that extends beyond them; it is a vibratory force that covers their family, home and territory. They use that power to protect their owners from intruders or even spirits that are not positive.

Cat owners

Cat owners are usually people with high spiritual characteristics, who tend to internalize their thoughts and feelings and live more “inward” than “outward”.

Why are they attracted to cats, or rather, why are cats attracted to spiritually higher people?

Cats can harmonize at the same vibrational level as their owners’, and in this way the transfer of energy that is required to fulfil their “work” is made possible.

While you sleep, your cat absorbs the accumulated negative energy from your body; that is why they sometimes need to be very close to you at night. If there is more than one person in the family and only one cat, it can accumulate an overload of negativity from absorbing energy from so many people.

If you are extremely stressed, your cat may not have enough time to release this negative energy, therefore it stores it as fat in its body until it can fully release it.

Their meows

What seems to be something completely normal for these animals has a surprising explanation in the background because since they cannot speak, they use meows to communicate their owners that something is happening. You just have to learn to understand it to know if it does it instinctively, or if it is trying to warn you about something.

Their eyes

This part of their body is something special, not only because they tend to hold very deep gazes and because they manage to captivate anyone with the beauty of their eyes, but because they can see the presence of souls or spirits in the house. When they stare at an empty space in the home, it is because there is something strange, and if they feel something negative, they will meow so you know.

Cats as spiritual protectors: How do they do that?

Many will claim that sleeping with pets can be a negative thing, but after they know this, you may completely change your mind. When you sleep, your spirit separates from your body to start an astral journey, and cats are protectors of your soul, they are in charge of watching you return to the physical world without any adversity along the way.

On the other hand, it is very likely that you have ever seen that your cat behaves differently with people who come to your house; it can be very affectionate with some, but it seems not to stand others at all. Well, this happens because they are able to perceive when someone does not love you or has bad intentions with you. In addition, they can feel the positive or negative energy of each being.

The therapeutic power of cats

Several studies have been carried out that would indicate that they not only have psychic abilities, but also therapeutic ones. According to the above, stroking a cat would eliminate stress and negativity, improve the cardiovascular system and bring calm to its owner.

Finally, research conducted at the University of Missouri, specifically by the Human Animal Interaction Research Centre of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, showed that having a cat would help people with hypertension and heart problems, as well as senile dementia and Alzheimer’s.


The deep bond between cats and humans is thought to have occurred in ancient Egypt, the place where this animal was a divinity, represented by the figure of a cat, known as the Goddess Bastet or Batit, considered the protector of homes and defender of children. Furthermore, she was credited with being the Goddess of abundance.

On the contrary, cats were also considered evil, since witches used to always be accompanied by one, specifically a black one. Hence, countless speculations arose that said that this animal brought bad luck if it crossed your path. However, there are those who say that having a cat at home has many benefits on a physical and spiritual level, being able to even help scare away spirits, as others say. Did you like our article cats as spiritual protectors? Write to us.


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