How to take care of your beard:

If you leave your beard uncared for, the beard can become unkempt and matted. Managing it is hard work. but essential if you want to look your best. Here are some basics on how to take care of your beard on a daily basis without fuss. Products are usually applied to the beard after washing and drying it thoroughly.

Why should I care for my beard?

Your beard is as much a part of your appearance as your hairstyle or the clothes you wear. It is said that you only get one chance to make a good first impression so it is important to have a well-groomed beard that completes the overall look.

How to take care of

How to take care of your beard:

Brushing your beard

Beard hair can easily become tangled and matted. Brushing your beard will help keep it in check.  Maintaining a smart look is not difficult: just carry a comb with you to keep it from tangling throughout the day. Smaller moustache combs are also available.

Use a dedicated brush, usually with boar bristles. to help regulate the oil on your face and beard for a healthier. more balanced skin.

Clean and smelling beard

Cleaning your beard is easy, it doesn’t take long and improves its appearance a lot, just a good shampooing and rinsing will get you closer to that perfect beard.

Moisturise and shine

Beard hair is much thicker and more porous than the hair on the rest of the body, which is why it tends to dry out much faster.

To avoid this type of problem, we are going to use another product specially designed to moisturise our beard hair and skin: oils and balms.

Beard oil

Beard oil minimises skin irritation, especially during the initial growth phase. Oils keep the beard soft and fluffy. There are various types. but we recommend those containing essential oils such as almond or grapeseed oil. or why not opt for an aromatic oil such as bergamot, lemon or sandalwood?

Beard wax

In the old days, your grandfather used wax to style and shape your beard. Groom your moustache by adding a little wax and rolling the ends. The beard wax will soften the hair and add volume and body to the beard. Beard wax dissolves in water, so it rinses out easily.

How to care for your beard: Cleaning

It’s so simple that it seems obvious, but here are a few guidelines:

  • Wet your beard with water until it is very wet.
  • Rub the bar of soap or shampoo with your wet hands until you have enough foam.
  • Spread the foam through the hair and massage the product all over the area including the skin under the beard.
  • Rinse with warm water.
  • Dry with a towel without excessive pressure.

How to grow a beard:

The two secrets to a long and healthy beard are a balanced diet and hard work. An extra dose of vitamins and minerals will help hair grow faster. Vitamins A, B. C, E and biotin are essential for healthy hair growth.

Exfoliating your skin regularly removes dead skin cells and helps hair growth. Keep your face well hydrated by using a specific product daily. If you drink plenty of water, your hair will be soft and will also grow faster.

How to care for your beard: Beard shaping

Beard trimming design in the cheek area

To trim the hair on the upper part of the beard that is isolated, first of all the cheek area of the beard must be outlined. which consists of removing all the excess hair located on the upper part of the cheeks, outlining only the line of growth until obtaining a result with which the person is satisfied.

Checking the cheek line

Once the cheek line has been profiled, the cheek line should be checked for natural maintenance, so that heavy maintenance of this area can be avoided.

Thus, to perform this cut on the cheek hair it is suggested to use a razor without using heads to make a complete shave, to which it should be added that this requires fewer movements to cut the hairs.

In this sense, to use a razor of this type, it is necessary to cut only using one of the ends of the blade and sliding it gently to one side, while at the same time it is placed diagonally towards the part where the corner of the lips-ear is located.

Designing the beard neck line

In other words, in this step, rather than imagining, it is a matter of visualising a curved line that projects from ear to ear, that is, from the top of the ear to the top of the neck, exactly below the jaw, returning to the back of the opposite ear.

Defining the sideburn line

This step is based on drawing an imaginary vertical line starting from the back edge of the sideburns, allowing it to intersect with the ear-to-ear line corresponding to the previous step.

As far as this shaving is concerned, it is advisable for the individual to trim the hair located just below the nut of the neck, it being preferable to start by shaving this area first with the blade in a horizontal position, so that it slides downwards.

Rounding off the intersection of the lines of the first two steps

This beard shaping step is all about smoothing the intersection. having the alternative of extending the rounding towards the ear or simply shaping it a little. so the trick during this process is to gradually trim the beard in this area until it fits the cut you want to achieve.

So it is important that if you are inexperienced in making these cuts and are having difficulty due to the lack of visibility caused by the use of shaving foam, you should opt to use an electric razor.

Outlining a perfect neck line

This is the last step in the beard shaping process, which consists of making sure you have a neckline that is not too high. but rather a cut that is smooth and pleasing to the eye.

In this regard. to make the outline of the beard line with the neck line is recommended to use some shaving foam and blade instead of an electric razor, because the purpose is to effectively clear the hair that is in the neck.

Choose the beard cut that suits you best

Depending on your face shape, facial hair type, haircut, height, etc., your barber will be able to recommend the beard shape that best suits your physiognomy.