Weekly Horoscope II August

Here is the Weekly Horoscope II August. Check your Horoscope corresponding to week II August where you will get the best predictions, so you can make the right decisions during the week.

Weekly Horoscope II August

Aries: March 21 to April 20

Your great intuitive and imaginative intelligence will be at its peak with this lunar phase. You will need to dream and fantasize less so that you can achieve the goals and objectives you have set for yourself this week. Take advantage of this artistic side to relax a little through painting or playing a musical instrument, in short, choose what you like to do.

Weekly Horoscope II August

Taurus: April 21 to May 20

You will feel a little instability in all matters relating to economic issues. Do not let this situation afflict you, so remember that much will depend on your attitude, if you let yourself be influenced or not by the situation. It may be necessary to review the schemes you are using to develop your projects and why you are slow to get the fruits. 

Weekly Horoscope II August

Gemini: May 21 to June 21

Money will provide you with a little more security and emotional tranquility. Therefore, you will be a little reserved in front of others when it comes to donating, lending or spending. However, be careful with any significant disbursement that lacks any logic and that only responds to your impulses and your ego.

Weekly Horoscope II August

Cancer: June 22 to July 22

You will have to control your mood swings, which do you no good in any of your relationships. Your internal fluctuations will always influence both your work group and worldly affairs. Review your behavior and understand that no one is willing to accept it.

Weekly Horoscope II August

Leo: July 23 to August 23

With this lunation, the characteristics of the sign of Leo will be favored, so you will notice a great success in those activities in which you could have contact with the public. You will feel inspired in everything you want to undertake, although be careful with the feelings of the heart that will prevail over the head. 

Horóscopo Semana II Mayo

Virgo: August 24 to September 22

You will tend to adapt to circumstances rather than try to change them. Your tendency to fail will not allow you to move forward in anything. Inject courage and energy into your life so that you will see some of your dreams materialize in real life and not just in your mind. Accept the help of a loved one, who follows you closely.

Horóscopo Semana I Mayo

Libra: September 23 to October 22

Determination and patience will be the key to success for those born under the sign of Libra. So, if you want something easily you will get it, without letting anyone stand in your way.     You will want to make improvements to your home and may even hire an interior decorator to tell you what changes to make.

Horóscopo Semana V Abril

Scorpio: October 23 to November 22

Stop looking for love in people who don’t pay attention to you. Value yourself as a person and have a little more pride and dignity. If someone rejects you or doesn’t give you the attention you deserve, it’s definitely not good for you. Love is not begged or negotiated, there are no conditions, just love and be spontaneous.

Horóscopo Semana I Mayo

Sagittarius: November 23 to December 21

You will want to resume your social life and friends, although this will generate unnecessary expenses that at this time is not convenient to have. Try to measure yourself in the eccentricities to which you were accustomed in a previous stage of your life. It is time to mature and assume responsibilities. 

Capricorn: December 22 to January 19

You will find it a little difficult to reach agreements with co-workers and superiors. It is not the best time to ask for a promotion or salary increase. It is best to keep a low profile for a while until the waters calm down and everything returns to its natural course.

Aquarius: January 20 to February 18

An unexpected trip will be a bit complicated because you will have to alter your routine unexpectedly. Take advantage of the moment and adapt to the circumstances, if you had to travel, enjoy the ride and the landscapes of that location. Relax and at night go out to see the nightlife of the place.

Pisces: February 19 to March 20

It will be a busy week because you have many responsibilities to fulfill. At work, find ways to get organized and delegate to others. Rely on the good intentions of some people, not everyone is mean and selfish. Let your guard down and receive the help they can give you.


August 15 at 15:19:31 UT FOURTEENTH RIGHT.

16 at 03:11:36 UT Moon enters Sagittarius

18 at 05:57:50 UT Moon enters Capricorn

20 at 08:48:43 UT Moon enters Aquarius

Moon in Sagittarius: The transit of the Moon in Sagittarius will bring you the peace and harmony you have been seeking for some time. Enjoy all those special moments to socialize with other interesting people.

The Moon in Capricorn: During this transit of the Moon through Capricorn, you will notice how your imagination idealizes your dreams, expanding your horizons every day. Seek support when you need it and do not think you are self-sufficient.

Moon in Aquarius: Enjoy your hobbies so that you can be a free and authentic person. Do not pay attention to certain criticisms regarding the way you do things.

Weekly Horoscope II August

You will receive the influence of the waxing moon, which will open the doors to undertake any business you are thinking of developing and thus activate your creative side that had been off for a while. Look for ways to heal, purify your soul and spirit so that everything flows in the best way.

During this week you will appreciate the shower of shooting stars or Perseids, one of the most special in the northern hemisphere thanks to the intensity of its bright lights, also known as the “Tears of St. Lawrence”, whose name is due to the proximity of its appearance with the feast of this saint. 

Take advantage of the momentum of this lunation to multiply everything you invest in. Despite benefiting the zodiac signs in many aspects, avoid face-to-face meetings with friends and family as there is a strong excess of impulsivity, for this reason it is better to wait for this phase to pass for any type of meeting.

Weekly Horoscope II August: Time for reflection

Do not feel lost along the way

On many occasions, there are those who have felt lost on the road without knowing where they are going. You don’t always see clearly what direction you want to take in your life’s journey. However, you may have an idea of what you want, but you are not clear where to start. To do this, it is important to go through some stages of review, reflection, readjustment and redefinition in the hope of finding the best path.

If that is what is happening to you at this moment, then it will be necessary to first of all attend to your needs, so that you can define very important aspects such as your values, your goals and the fact of adapting to what you are going to live. Once you have reviewed these aspects, then you will have to define what your values are and what you will assume as positive, good, acceptable and what you will consider as negative.

Also, it is convenient that you make a list of your desires for which you will have to fight for with the best possible attitude and the best possible spirit. These will be the ones that will give color to your life and the will to keep fighting for what you want. Finally, calibrate the circumstances around you so that you adapt intelligently and can achieve the goals you set. 

“Looking back helps me remember who I am,

The look ahead to where I’m going.



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