Rue is a plant with very powerful magical properties and is also widely used in some rituals and spells to attract money, good luck, love and business power because it is responsible for activating the energy of faith and transmutation. In addition, since ancient times its medicinal and esoteric properties are known to give energy and harmonize environments. However, it is especially known for its use in love baths to attract the love of your life, or preserve what you have. Here we indicate the most powerful baths rue for love.

Rue for love

Rue for love: Mooring bath


  • Rue leaves
  • 1 red candle
  • 1 white plate
  • Mandarin incense
  • Tangerine oil
  • Petals of a red rose


First smear the candle with the tangerine oil, use your own hands for it since you load it with your energy and while doing so, think about that special person.

Second, light the tangerine incense and place the candle in the center of the plate. Then sprinkle with the rue leaves around, add the petals of the rose and proceed to light it with a wooden match. Wait about five minutes and say the following statement:

 “You (name of the person you want to tie) remain tied to me from this moment, you will only think of me, I am your life and your passion, you will be my life and my passion forever. If it has to be that way, it will be like that.”

Rue for love: Energizing bath with rue and coconut water

Boil some rue leaves with some honey or muscovado sugar and a glass of coconut water. You can replace the glass with three tablespoons of grated coconut. After boiling, let it cool for 10 minutes.

Then bathe with this cooking in the shower or bathtub. Take your time. Do this ritual for 15 minutes while you relax and repeat prayers or words that connect you with your love desires and the attraction you want to awaken in other people.

Use this bath to also attract “sweet” friends and colleagues who value and respect you. By surrounding yourself with people with positive energies, you will give more strength to the arrival of the couple you want in your life.

Simple ritual to increase appeal

Through this ritual you can attract the loved one by increasing your own appeal.


  • Rue leaves
  • A saucepan
Ruda para el amor

First of all, you must prepare yourself and clear your mind from any mental or spiritual concern. In other words, focus on yourself and you should not be under any hallucinogenic or pharmacological substance.

Second, the ritual should be performed on a Friday and when it is waxing moon for greater effectiveness.

Subsequently, fill three quarters of the saucepan with water and add the rue leaves to boil them at low heat.

After boiling, turn off the heat and let stand for nine minutes.

Then, bathe with a rue soap. At the end rinse with the preparation, but first you must say the following statement: 

“Blessed rue, powerful miraculous rue that on Calvary Mount the tears of Magdalena you shed for, tears for me bring me, surrendered to (Name of the Beloved Person). May the person I love feel love and despair for me and may his / her eyes and thoughts be fixed only on me. For the drops of blood that the King of Kings shed, I ask you to spill on me, money and attention from my fellow men, especially from (Name of the Beloved Person). Bring me prosperity at the time of bathing with this preparation, it is for you to spill prosperity and luck on me. Amen.

Finally let yourself be dried by air without using a towel.