Since no one knows for sure what happens after death, the mere idea of ​​the subject is a controversy itself. Depending on one’s religion, people may have very different concepts about this particular theme. This makes this subject much more interesting and mysterious, since nothing is proven. Many religions, especially Hinduism, have very strong beliefs about the concept of reincarnation.

Reincarnation: What is it?

Reincarnation is said to be the process that our soul goes through, from one body to another. In other words it is to incarnate again. That is, the soul passes from a dead body to a living one.

What most people say is that all people have reincarnated but do not remember their past lives.

If most or a large part of the following items on the list has occurred to you, it is very likely that you are reincarnated.

Affinity for some type of specific culture

It is very common that we, or an acquaintance or friend are fond of a particular culture, passionate about a country we have never visited, but insist to simply like it or feel attracted to it.


Memories different from your current life

Many young children confirm having been in places with people they have never seen before. It is surprising that years later, it was proven that these existed.

Repetitive dreams

Sometimes there are people who have repetitive dreams that have nothing to do with their current life. These can be memories that have remained in the subconscious and can be verified by past life regression therapy.


It is known as the ability to knowabout a situation before it happens. Perhaps through some dream or simply feeling.

Fears or phobias that you can’t overcome

Many of us are afraid of something in particular. Either animal, places or things. It is said that they may have some kind of relationship with our death in our previous life.

La reencarnación

Déjà vu

It refers to believing to have experienced a present situation before with any of our 5 senses, touch, sight, smell, sound, or taste.

Affinity for a specific year or period of time in history

There are people who identify with a particular year or time, from the country where they live. Also indicating that they are attracted to or like the clothes of the time in question, their music, cuisine, buildings, among others.


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