If the man you like is Leo, the conquest plan will be a bit complicated, but not impossible! Complicated because it is one of the dominant signs of the zodiac, but you must know how the Leo man is, to know how to act in certain situations and thus gradually fall into your arms.

How is the Leo man?: Personality

He is a very dominant person who always needs to be the center of attention. He loves to be always active, both physically and mentally. It is characterized by being sincere , sometimes too much.

He tends to be creative and extroverted, so he is very good at interpersonal relationships for business, and getting the things he wants.

However, one of the things to watch out for is his pride and temper. Also, because they consider themselves leaders, they sometimes treat the people around them with arrogance and prepotency, as if they were superior. What for some people is very difficult to bear.

How is the Leo man

How is the Leo man?: Characteristics

Positive Aspects

Entrepreneur, creative, extrovert, leader, sincere.

Negative Aspects

Proud, short-tempered, arrogant, prepotent.

Tips to conquer a Leo man

To conquer a Leo man , the most important thing is to be proud of him and show it to him explicitly and visibly.

Sex is very important to this passionate sign. So you should be less shy and put it on your to-do list. For him it is very important to be the center of attention and take the initiative, so let him decide. On the other hand, if at a time at this point you do not feel comfortable with something, let him know, but very discreetly.

Sincerity is essential in his relationships, so you must put aside trying to appear more than you really are or telling situations that are not true.

How is the Leo man

You must show yourself as a determined person. He hates people who are cold, shy and who live just to live, without goals and without aspirations. Therefore you must show yourself in the opposite way.

He likes tangible gifts and expensive places so you will have to invest a little in it.

Do not

Question his mandate. Because of his position as leader, he does not like to be questioned.

Do not be bad-minded or selfish.

If he is arrogant or prepotent, do not argue with him.

He hates making the fool of himself and being out of place, in other words, because of this you should not be making jokes.

You will have to demonstrate that you are a cultured person, since he does not like to be with someone less intelligent.

He does not like false ones or that they take advantage of him, therefore, you should always tell him the truth.

In conclusion, there are not many steps you must follow to conquer the Leo man, so get to work!